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Owned by John and Emma Garvey, with a devotion to service and quality.

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Deco NZ Ltd was first formed in Christchurch April 2009, the brainchild of John Garvey - who had worked in the industry and believed he could provide an outstanding, go-to decorating company.

The company started to grow in reputation and correspondingly in size, when the first Christchurch earthquake hit in September 2010. Although the quake stopped work for a short time, when it came back on-line - Deco NZ Ltd had secured a large share of repairs to undertake at the University of Canterbury. And once the February 2011 quake subsided, Deco NZ Ltd were full swing on the University with a large number of staff for the next few years.

There have been highs and lows industry-wide over the past few years, but with planning and foresight, John has maintained a secure and reputable company. Since then, Deco NZ Ltd has gone from strength to strength, and even branched out from purely painting, to now include fixing plasterboard linings and plastering services.

In 2018 Deco NZ Ltd proudly became nationwide, expanding into the Auckland and Queenstown regions.

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