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Our Services

Plasterboard Linings

All standard gib-board guidelines and design systems to the highest standards. Fireratings, Acoustic ratings, Curved plasterboard, Quietline perforated, X-Block board. We also work with James Hardie, Superlux and other Fibre Cement boards to product great results. In many cases we take these boards to a level 5, plus soffits and large areas are not an issue.


Our plastering team are experts in all types and level of finish. We produce high a quality level 4 finish and are able to skim coat to level 5 without issue. Spray application available. Decorative trim and detailing. We use metal trim to all external angles, margins etc as standard.

Speciality Coatings

We lay Chevaline Dexx Waterproof membranes, Water resistant coatings, Anti-graffiti coatings, Epoxy Flooring, Sealant work e.g. PC2 Labs, Mastic joints. And when it comes to Intumescent work: steel coatings to achieve the required FRR plus decorative clear coatings to timber - Group S1.

Spraypainting and Wallpapering

We have our own industrial spraying machines on hand with staff trained in the use to create a fast and smooth finish. And when it comes to wallpapering, we have worked with many specialised types of paper, and have even laid wallpaper horizontally! You can expect top quality finishing in both of these areas that will last the distance.

New Paint and Repainting

We are the no fuss team that produces high quality first time. We understand our products extremely well and don’t cut corners. We have an excellent track record in handing over job defect free as our own QA systems are very good and we get the job done on time.

High Access Work


Deco NZ Ltd is proud to be able to provide well-qualified staff to access those hard to reach areas. Our skills in this area include EWP work, swinging stages and cage work, harness work, and abseiling.

Safety, Environment and Quality:

Deco NZ Ltd have a unique triple policy covering Health and Safety, Environment and Quality Assurance.

We take these issues very seriously and we implement a Site Specific Plan on each site to ensure that:

  • Our employees, contractors, staff and the public are always kept safe
  • The environment is left unaffected by our works
  • Our work and systems are regularly checked throughout the job so that the final product is handed to you at the best possible quality.

Top scoring Eco Decorator with 100% on our recent audit!

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